ba-fine-art-featured-image  It’s only been a week since officially starting the BA Fine Art course at the Middlesex University, why does it feel like a month? The interjections given by the tutors have already made me change my views about Art and my personal practice ( I’ve never termed it this way before) I feel like I’m going to find the missing jigsaw pieces to my creative puzzle so much during this Fine Art Course.

The main thing I’ve take from the course this week is; the most creative and successful Art work I will ever produce will be based on my own personal passions and journey in life, this sounds simple but I sincerely haven’t created Art this way, it’s usually based on other peoples passions and visions and what I think will excite the viewer. So I can’t wait to play and experiment.

Just so you know, I’d taken the photo above (edited for effect) at a Gallery visit to the UCL Art Museum on Thursday 29th October 2016. 

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