Contagious Joie de Vivre

chris_alton_webWe’re sitting waiting for other students to arrive in our first Personal Development and Research class. I’m watching the tutor, he is, as he describes himself later, a baby face man-child! I was wondering what he had to offer us at such a young age.

It was soon evident when this ‘man-child’ got speaking, his name Chris Alton, has been collecting award after award for his Creative projects completed successfully since leaving the University 2 years ago. He spoke for an hour, the time flew by as he shared what his journey had been like since leaving the Middlesex University.

I felt so pleased for him, happy for myself, I felt encouraged to keep going forward with my own dreams and projects.  Not being put off by the usual, lack of funds, lack of support etc etc etc… No more pauses just onwards and upwards, what do we have to lose after all?




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