“Because I say so!”

What makes Art Art?

Who decides what is and isn’t Art?

I, the Artist, decides. And the viewer will agree or not agree with my decision.

The average onlooker will interpret what is in front of them exactly as it is but to the Artist it is actually their interpretation of their own Artwork that is the deciding factor.

We are living in a great age where a line simply drawn across a canvass can represent the horizon between sky and land. This is Art to the producer of the line and simply just that ‘a line’ to the viewer, unless the Artist explains it’s true meaning it will always remain a line.

It’s Art because I say so.

It’s a little insane taking the mundane, boring, everyday object, sticking it in a gallery space and then that object suddenly becomes an exciting, interesting and thought provoking conversation piece because an Artist as decided it IS Art.
The American Art critic Arthur Danto has a lengthy discussion about this topic in his book called The Artworld, where he says ‘Strictly speaking, a black square is artistically as rich as Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love, this explains how less is more’

Ad Reinhardt’s Black Quare 1960
Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love 1514


I also love the work of Tracey Emin, it’s called ‘My Bed’


My Bed by Artist Tracey Emin

It is literally that; a reconstruction of her bed, surrounded by rubbish, of course, the Artwork tells a story of her personal life, but at first glance it’s ‘ a messy bed’ and the viewer would need an explanation of what the bed and the mess represent in order to appreciate it as Artwork.

It’s a fantastic time to be able to express yourself as an Artist. There are so many more acceptable avenues to explore and are being explored as the Artistic restrictions are being removed. Are there even any more restrictions? it seems that anything can be considered Art if the Artist says it is.

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