Baby Adolf…

For many years now I’ve wanted to create something in honour and respect for those who died at the hands and because of the decision of one person… Adolf Hitler.

When I first saw the image of Adolf as an infant on Wikipedia  I couldn’t take my eyes of the photo! it was a baby, an innocent looking baby! Who doesn’t coo at pictures of babies? We say, “how cute” “How lovely” “You must be so proud of your baby, they’re so beautiful” But this baby…We know what his future, his life is going to bring about.

The ‘Baby Adolf’ poster I’ve put together appears to just be an image of Adolf Hitler as an infant baby, but the print on the baby’s clothes are actually created with images of dead bodies of people who were considered by the Nazi Party to be ‘racially undesirable’. These people have been murdered and been piled disrespectfully and unforgivably on top of one another. They are photos from the Nazi Concentration Camps. 

The faint image in the background of the poster is one of people celebrating the end of World War 2. This is a reminder to us all that this evil rule did eventually come to an end.

Baby Adolf
In honour of those who lost their lives in the Nazi Concentration Camps.

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