Go Paperless

At the time of writing this blog my art studio is generally my lap or desk! apart from the wonderful odd occasion when I’m creating a painting or an installation, most of my latest pieces of art are produced on my computer. My! how times have changed! is it for better or worse?

Leeks – A photo of leeks uploaded to Photoshop to produce this artwork by Karol the Artist

The History of the art studio has changed over the years. The well-known indoor studio rented by artists from wealthy patrons to the artist moving to the outdoors to let the landscape and the environment become their studio.

Now in this new world of computers and digitized devices, the artist has been given a new tool and way of expression. It’s convenient, less messy and cumbersome, easier to transport. Quicker to produce pieces of art… and yet, I get overly excited when I’m able to get my acrylic paints out and canvas and connect physically with art materials.

I just bought a ‘drawing tablet’ to start a project as a comic ‘inker’. You basically draw

Drawing Tablet
Drawing Tablet

free hand on this device (which is connected to your PC) with a special digital pen. The Drawing Tablet has taken out the use of paper, pencils, markers, paint, rulers, erasers, sharpener, charcoal, a desk lamp to see what you’re drawing …. and on and on! When I use it I’m thinking “be careful not to smudge the pencil lead” but of course it’s digital and there’s no chance of smudging. It’s all part of the new studio. The item is quite expensive, but factoring in all the things you don’t have to buy, you’re saving a great deal. You DO need a good chair however as you can spend hours in one position working on art.


Caitlin Jones wrote in the article ‘The Function of the Studio (when the studio is a laptop’ “We write, communicate, relax and create on our computers and our minds and bodies have become seamlessly integrated to the form” which is so true in my own experience. I will be working for hours on my PC and then decide to take a break, so I switch tabs and start watching a show on Amazon!

Is it a better day for the artist? are we more creative now that we can do more artwork traveling on the underground? I stood, squished on a train a few months ago and looked over a man’s shoulders as he sat and drew detailed images on his tablet, we have the gift of time. Overall we save money, life is less complicated. And Yet…. Something seems to be missing.

Paperless is not better, just another means to create art. An artist utilising all methods of studio work is a healthy way to be; Creating indoors and out, on the computer on canvas, trying as many different mediums as possible. As long as we’re creating.



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