Something Old Something New


Gladiator painting at Earlscourt uploaded to Facebook
Image and comment posted on Facebook August 2014

I started this painting in August 2014, at an event at the Earls Court arena in London.

The aim was to paint on a 100cm x 125cm canvas while hundreds of people walked by in order to make connections, it worked, people stopped to talk to me, asking me what the painting was about, a lot of positive comments were said and business cards exchanged.

To be honest, I’ve changed so much since starting this piece 3 years ago and recently took the painting out of storage and was about to paint over the work and start again with something abstract! when I received an email on this website asking if this painting was available to purchase, as she had seen me painting it at Earls court Exhibition Centre and it had been like looking in a mirror for her! yes! I shouted an email back! so, many many many hours later I produced a completed acrylic on canvas.

Completed Gladiator w frame
Gladiator Acrylic on 125 cm x 100 cm canvas

It’s a spiritual painting, representing the battles we face in life, good over evil, sanity over insanity, faith in God over disappointment and depression. The Everyday grind of life, we can win this thing if we don’t just trust in our own abilities, we CAN turn to a higher power for our confidence and victory.

Thank you to the wonderful lady who gave the Gladiator new life and a new home.

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