United We Stand


Through my whole life I’ve seen and heard of groups of people being segregated for one reason or the other; class, colour, sex, race, ability, intelligence… the list goes on and on. With all this separation there comes, disappointment and even death.

For the Open Space exhibition called ‘The Everyday’ at Middlesex University, I wanted to create something that highlighted segregation.

At 4 am, the morning of the expo, I painted a second-hand chair (once used as a prop in my sisters play) black and white, I used acrylic paints, as it drys quickly and is very durable. Whilst the paint dried I got ready for the 2-hour journey to Middlesex University, carrying the chair on my shoulder with the seat of the chair, paints, and accessories in a bag in my other hand. For me, the entire process of creating the art is part of it, the early hours, the pain of carrying the chair on a train all the way to Uni from Purley, the looks you get from people wondering why you have a black and white chair on your shoulder…

United We Stand Image 3
Chair at the Train Station

It doesn’t stop there. You get into the University building and the moment you’re spotted by fellow students presenting work in the same expo, you’re rushed and hurried to bring your art to the expo area. Of course, I’m a little stressed at this point, trying to complete the piece of art, by adding blood splashes (red, black and a touch of yellow acrylic paint) and loaning a saw from the shop in the Art and design building basement. I then start to saw the chair in half, just where the dividing line is, I have to saw it in far enough for the saw to be free standing. I make a handwritten label as no printers seem to be working for me that day. I name the chair ‘United We Stand’

I think I’m the last person left to add my installation. I rush my chair into the place where a fellow student as decided is the best spot for the chair. It’s done! it’s over. Another project completed. I take a small breath then wait for the talk from the teachers about the event.

United We Stand
Karol the Artist United We Stand 

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