End of Year 1!

Well then! a whole year at the Middlesex University has sped by.

Pottery Collage FNA1490
Making a mold in Pottery

As an artist, I have changed and developed. I want to be a better artist. not on the technical side but more theoretical and spiritual side, why am I creating this piece, who is it for, what’s the kindest to the environment and cost effective way to produce this piece? not because I’m stingy or mostly broke, but why spend so much money to produce a piece of art when we have access to so much recyclable material (I still spend more than I need to but I’m aware if this, which is an improvement!)

The teachers and my peers, have to be one of THE most friendly bunch I’ve ever encountered. All of them challenging and inspiring me to do better.  Looking at the expos and galleries we’ve worked on together, it’s exciting to see how we all have a passion for what we do and it will be interesting to see how we develop in year 2 and 3. I’m really looking forward to year 2 and plan to be prepared to ‘wow’ myself in the projects I work on, produce and take part in. If you bore yourself in your art, how on earth can you get the interest of others???

United We Stand

There are no regrets in deciding to study Fine Art, there is plenty of room for my personal development and improvement. I feel positive and hopeful for the future.

Thank you so much to Middlesex teachers and students for making the experience worth while.


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