Barking Mad Live Show

Barking Mad Show is a ComiDrama created by myself and three sisters. We write and produce the radio show for Colourful Radio and it is aired along with Jabber Talk our other radio chat show on Sundays 12 pm until 1 pm.

We’ve just celebrated our first Live Barking Mad Show performance at the Colourful Radio Studio.

Barking advert


9 All Actors at Mics 2

It was a fantastic day! The four actors were their usual talented selves. As the episodes are usually pre-recorded, edited then aired every Sunday on Colourful Radio, The cast aren’t privileged to hear a live response apart from the producers giggling away! so this was a great chance for them to get the reaction of a larger audience and to feed off their excited energy and positive feedback.

I had spent the day in the Colourful radio studio sound room, playing the sound effects for the live episodes of Barking Mad, which was sincerely one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do! I literally had to run along side the actors with the script playing the appropriate sound for each scene. It was going out live on radio, so I was fully aware I could ‘cock it up’ for the actors by giving the wrong sound or no sound at all. It all went well.

9a Karol in studio

Karol in the Colourful Radio studio playing recorded sound effects during live radio performance

I created a collage below showing the process for this live event, the process of first reading the script, draft 1 written by my talented sister Marva Gregorio De Souza then edited by my other equally talented sister Jacqueline Malcolm who produces draft 2, the actors then rehearse the script, directed by Jacqueline,

Actors in Studio Karol at the desk

The actors normally record each episode in the studio after rehearsals, I will then edit the recording, taking out the mistakes and adding all the sound effects including theme tunes and announcements. Of course, for the live show, no such editing occurred and it all had to go well in one take, which it did.


Please feel free to listen to the Barking Mad Show on Colourful Radio, Every Sunday 12:00 pm until 12:20 pm. You can catch up with each episode by listening to our podcast or you can go to the Barking Mad Show Youtube channel and start listening from season 1 episode 1. Let us know what you think 😉




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