The Reading Chair

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The Reading Chair, is a new radio show created by my sisters and myself for Colourful radio. 

The Reading Chair experience is to sit back on a Sunday afternoon from 12:30 pm (or listen to the pod at anytime) and listen to a talented actor reading from the exciting pages of a book of our choice.

The very first book being read is Slave, escaping the chains of freedom, written by my sister Jacqueline Malcolm and being read by the award winning actor Patrick Mckenzie.

Slave Cover front and back 3
Slave book cover created by Karol the Artist

My role in this project as been to collaboratively name the brand and decide on the programme content. I have also designed and created the logo for The Reading Chair. I am also in the studios with the other producers and actor recording the chapters, I then take the recordings, edit them on Audacity and develop the stories into a 20 minute show to be aired on Colourful Radio the following Sunday.

The first Reading Chair episode was aired October 1st 2017 and we had a fantastic response to it, a lot of people enjoyed the suspense build and are looking forward to the next episode, we’re so excited about this new venture.

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