Daily Diary

Daily Diary -Soothing-Watercolours and Digital

I’ve never been more excited about any of the artwork I’ve produced in the past, it’s not that it’s amazing mind-blowing artwork but that it all has specific and poignant meaning to me. All the images are created out of a particular emotion I’m feeling. The details of each image are not yet on this site, that’s going to be an all-day affair to add the scribbled notes from my diary to each image but I will eventually.

My advice to anyone reading this is that you buy yourself a small sketchbook, whenever you’re overburdened about anything, or need to make a key decision, then take the time to make a drawing, colour it, or not, then like me, take a photograph of it and upload it to online software and make more art out of it. You will learn so much about yourself and also collate a nice collection of authentic pieces of your artwork.

Please see the ‘Daily Diary’ Gallery to the right of this page.




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