1 Drawing a Day!…

Amidst the Pain by Karol the Artist

Today is 1st January 2021, and my heart is saying let’s try the ‘1 drawing a day’ experience.

I’ll use this time to learn about art therapy techniques, about what type of things I create with different moods, developing new styles of creating and taking ideas from the old, which is the best time of day to create? and not to mention all the benefits that come with making art in general.

I tried this a few years ago and although I didn’t create every day, I have a wonderful sketch book diary filled with meaningful memories, as each piece of artwork is connected to something I was dealing with at the time of creating it, I also had a great deal of fun developing each piece digitally which you can see some of the pieces in the gallery section, under ‘daily diary’.

Daily Diary Images by Karol the Artist

I’ll take a few if not all of the images and upload to this website and Social Media so you can share the journey with me.

Why not join me and commit to creating 1 piece of art a day?

Happy New Creative Year

Karol the Artist

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