Karol the Artist, aka Karol Dolores Malcolm BA(hons) Fine Art Social Practice, is a woman born to Create..

My joy and sanity in life is finding creative solutions to send a distinct message to the viewer and to help others with their goals and dreams using art and design.

I am a Fine Artist, an Art Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Spatial Designer and have been commissioned to design and complete works of art for  over thirty years.

I am the founder of Spaart Class which are group art therapy style art classes to encourage hard working people to relax and unwind. I am a true believer that art making is one of the most powerful tools to combat stress and depression.

The various art commissioned projects I work on are creating business logos, illustrations and book covers, set design and creating the design space for events such as weddings, events and parties. I also paint works of art on canvas.

If you need creative assistance with a project please contact me by email info@karoltheartist.com or call me on 07435 586936. Or simply complete the form below.