KA About ImageKarol the Artist is a woman born to Create…

My joy and sanity in this life are based on finding creative solutions and helping others with their goals and dreams using art and design.

I am an Art Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Spatial Designer and have been commissioned to design and complete works of art for a little over twenty years. The types of projects I have worked on are creating business logos, book illustrations and book covers, set design and creating the design space for events such as weddings, events and parties. I am also often commissioned to paint works of art on canvass.

For the next stage in my life I want to share all I know about art and I am taking a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree course in order to go on and teach art. Whilst in the process of training I provide art classes for adults called Spaart Class on a monthly basis, I believe art is a power tool to assist in healing the mind and soul of stress and even depression.


I have put samples of my work here on this site for you to have an idea of the type of projects I work on. If you want creative assistance with a project please contact me by email info@karoltheartist.com or call me on 07435 586936. I will be elated to help

I love what I do, there is simply nothing more rewarding than seemingly ‘creating something from nothing’.