Spaart Class – All I could have Imagined!

The first Spaart Class was everything my heart could have imagined it to be. There were only five of us in total, five innocents, four of them had not picked up a paintbrush in years! all of us very unsure until the second the paint filled brush hit the paper! we were all immediately transcended into a world of peace and calm, healing! as each person painted their day or a part of their life, it unfolded in bold colours on the paper, stroke after stroke of detail. To the on-looker, they were just a pretty pictures but to each Artist it was an expression of their pain, desires or experience.

Due to the Art class coming to an end, paintbrushes down, we sipped our wine and each of us discussed why we had painted what we had on our boards. After sharing we all started wiping tears away, at the same time laughing at ourselves for crying! it was a wonderful moment, time shared with such beautiful souls.

Art is magic when it’s at its simplest form, if we let it, we clear out the dross the years have built up.

Spaart Class.




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